Lightning strikes caused the death of a woman and the loss of dozens of livestock in Al-Mahwit and Taiz.

Local sources reported that a woman died, while a family survived a fire that broke out in their home due to a lightning strike in Al-Mahwit Governorate, coinciding with livestock deaths in Taiz Governorate for the same reason.


According to the sources, a woman died after being struck by lightning in Al-Hammali village, Bani Al-Shadid area, Bani Saad district, Al-Mahwit Governorate.


In another incident, the family of Ibrahim Al-Shadidi survived a fire that erupted in their home due to a lightning strike in the “Qarn area” in the Bani Saad district of Al-Mahwit Governorate, causing significant material damage.


In the Al-Salu district of Taiz, a lightning strike caused the death of more than fifty sheep.


Last year, the Hajjah Governorate recorded the highest number of lightning strike
incidents in the country, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries.


Annually, lightning strikes cause the death and injury of dozens in Yemen, largely due to a lack of community awareness about avoiding high areas and electronic devices during rainstorms.


The National Meteorological Center and Early Warning had previously forecasted thunderstorms in several governorates over the past weeks.


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