After the recent decisions, the Houthis are left with two options and no third.



Observers believe that the Iran-backed Houthi militias are increasingly constrained following the decisive actions taken by the legitimate government recently to cut off the group's sources of funding.


Observers argue that these recent decisions will compel the Houthi group to return to the negotiation table and unconditionally comply with peace efforts, halting the threat to international maritime navigation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait.


They pointed out that the upcoming period is unlikely to sustain the state of neither peace nor war that the Houthi militia exploited to enhance their military capabilities and evade peace commitments. Instead, they face the risk of military setbacks and popular uprisings in the areas under their control unless they reassess their calculations and cease undermining the Yemeni people's resources.


Observers also noted that military resolution has become a viable option, supported regionally and internationally, to uphold the internationally recognized government's right to end the armed rebellion led by the Iran-aligned group. They highlighted that the group lacks any viable state-building project, posing a threat to regional security and peace, as well as endangering international maritime navigation safety.


In this context, the United Nations is making significant efforts to revive the peace process in Yemen, aiming to end the ongoing conflict and enhance stability in the region.

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