Mysterious Death of Prominent Southern Politician in Sana'a


The Houthi militias in Sana'a have announced the death of Major General Khaled Baras, a prominent southern politician and military leader from Hadhramaut who was aligned with the group. His death has raised questions about the true cause behind it.


Major General Khaled Baras was known for his supportive stance towards the Houthi militias and was considered a significant figure in the southern political and military landscape.


Sources close to the group confirmed that Major General Baras died under circumstances that have yet to be disclosed, adding to the mystery surrounding the incident. Investigations are underway to determine the details and causes of his death.


Observers note that his death occurred amidst a series of mysterious deaths affecting several southern figures allied with the Houthis.


It is worth noting that this incident is not an isolated one, as recent months have seen several mysterious deaths of southern figures supportive of the Houthis, leading to speculations about potential internal conflicts or systematic eliminations targeting these leaders.

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