What is the content of the American proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza that was approved by the UN Security Council?
The United Nations Security Council on Monday approved a resolution to vote on the US proposal for a permanent ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza.

The resolution was approved by 14 votes to zero, with Russia abstaining from voting.

This decision comes within the framework of international efforts to calm the tense situation in the region and enhance the chances of peace.

According to the draft resolution circulated by the media, the Security Council welcomes the new ceasefire proposal that was announced on May 31, and which Israel accepted.

The Council calls on Hamas to also accept this proposal, and urges both parties to fully implement its conditions without delay and unconditionally. This decision comes as part of a comprehensive strategy to achieve long-term stability in the region.

The proposal follows a three-phase approach to achieving peace and stability in Gaza. The first phase includes an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire by all parties, allowing the flow of urgent humanitarian aid to affected areas.

The second phase includes the mutual release of all hostages and detainees, as a confidence-building measure between the conflicting parties.

The third phase aims to begin comprehensive political negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, with the aim of reaching a permanent and comprehensive solution to the conflict.

The resolution also includes strengthening the role of the United Nations in monitoring and implementing the ceasefire and ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches those who need it without obstacles.

It also stresses the importance of international cooperation to support efforts aimed at reconstruction in Gaza and improve the living conditions of the population.

The Security Council’s approval of this resolution is an important step towards promoting peace in Gaza and the region in general, but its success depends largely on the commitment of the parties concerned to implement its conditions in good faith.

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