Saudi Newspaper Reveals the True Motives Behind the Recent Road Openings in Yemen


A Saudi newspaper has unveiled the motives behind the recent road openings in the governorates of Taiz and Al-Bayda by the Houthi militia, after years of closure and imposing a severe blockade on the city of Taiz for ten years.


The Saudi newspaper "Okaz" stated in an editorial that the announcement of coordination between the parties to open the main road between the city of Taiz (under government control) and Al-Hawban, east of the city controlled by the Houthis,and Marib-Al-Bayda road, didn't happen by chance, the report highlighted Saudi and Omani efforts in this regard.


The newspaper highlighted that the efforts, described as "significant," have been carefully overseen by Saudi and Omani diplomacy to implement UN ceasefire resolutions as a step towards building trust between the conflicting parties.


It continued: "Next Sunday, the attention of the Yemeni people will be directed towards Muscat, the Omani capital, which hosts crucial humanitarian and economic negotiations between the warring parties (the Houthis and the legitimate government) following the success of Saudi-Omani mediation and UN sponsorship, marking a breakthrough towards achieving the long-awaited comprehensive and lasting peace desired by Yemenis."


It clarified that the fragmentation experienced by the Yemeni people, whether humanitarian, economic, or societal, is not only internal but has also led several Arab capitals to become havens for many Yemenis longing for a homeland where everyone can find happiness, putting an end to the suffering of the human spirit and unraveling decades of wars, crises, division, and family disintegration.


it emphasized that "the street awaits the new Yemen that must return happily with its loyal sons and neighbors who spare no effort in bridging the divide and unifying Yemenis under one word and preserving a unified Yemen."


Earlier, the government negotiating team on prisoners and detainees reported directives described as high-level to participate in the negotiations round hosted by Muscat, the Omani capital, at the end of this month.


These directives came a day after the Presidential Office Director Yahya al-Shuaibi instructed not to conclude any prisoner and detainee exchange deal with the Houthi group that doesn't include the political leader Mohammed Qahtan, who has been forcibly hidden for nearly ten years.


The head of the government negotiating delegation, Yahya Kuzman, stated on the "Ex" platform that the directives also include "working towards releasing all detainees and forcibly disappeared persons on the principle of all-for-all exchange, with Mohammed Qahtan at the forefront."

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