Tribes in Abyan gather in Aden and give security forces 4 days to meet this demand.


Tribal sources have reported that extensive meetings began this evening, Friday, in the interim capital Aden, bringing together elders and tribal figures from Abyan Governorate to discuss the state of exclusion and marginalization they face.


The sources mentioned that these meetings aim to address the exclusion, marginalization, and unlawful regional violations experienced by the people of Abyan Governorate by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) backed by the UAE.


According to "Al-Masdar Online," the sources clarified that the meetings resulted in assigning Adib Al-Eissi to follow up on the case of the abducted Ashal Al-Jaidani, in addition to the previous committee tasked with monitoring the issue.


Sources confirmed that elders and tribal figures from Abyan strongly denounced during the meetings the marginalization and arbitrary arrests they have been subjected to, demanding fair representation in power and wealth.


The sources indicated that the tribes have given security forces until July 2, 2024, to release the abducted Ashal, threatening escalating steps if the deadline passes without his release.


It is worth noting that Major Ali Ashal Al-Jaidani, a commander in the air defense battalion, was abducted on June 12, 2024, by armed men in a white car in the Al-Taqnia area of Aden and taken to an undisclosed location.


The abduction case of Major Ali Ashal has garnered wide attention from political forces, military and security figures, and tribal leaders in Abyan Governorate.

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