A Yemeni parliamentarian warns against the UAE returning to control the port of Aden



Yemeni parliamentarian Ali Ashal issues strong warnings of imminent corruption deals in the port of Aden and highlights previous crises due to suspicious contracts with foreign companies.

Ashal pointed out, in a tweet on his Twitter account, that the port of Aden faced two major crises due to corruption deals with foreign companies. The first was with a Singaporean company, where the Yemeni government had to pay nearly $150 million to end a disastrous contract. The second crisis was related to a company in Dubai, where the
government paid $23 million to terminate the contract.


Ashal added, "A new catastrophe looms on the horizon because of the divisions we are experiencing and the prevailing corruption."

Ashal's statements reflect growing concern about the deteriorating situation in the port of Aden due to political divisions and rampant corruption.

The port of Aden is one of the most important seaports in the region, and plays a vital role in the Yemeni economy. However, political crises and corruption threaten to paralyze its operations, potentially causing significant losses to the national economy.

Ashal's warnings are considered an urgent call to the Yemeni authorities and the international community to intervene quickly and take the necessary measures to protect the port and ensure its stability in light of the difficult circumstances that Yemen is going through.

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