The Houthi militia continues its violations, with sources confirming the arrest of more than 70 civilians by the group within two weeks across several provinces.

Human rights sources reported that the Houthi group arrested more than 70 civilians within two weeks and detained them in prisons in the governorates of Al-Hudaydah, Amran, Hajjah, Ibb, and Dhamar, based on fabricated charges. This occurs amid ongoing calls to the United Nations and the international community to halt the group's violations.


The sources mentioned that Ibrahim, the son of the Houthi leader Mohammed Ayash, appointed as governor of Al-Hudaydah, kidnapped four notable figures and dignitaries from the coastal city of Al-Hudaydah (west) and detained them to facilitate the theft of large areas of land.


The sources confirmed that Ayash’s son kidnapped the dignitaries from the "Rabsah" and "Duraimi" areas in Al-Hudaydah, namely: Muharram Ibrahim Saghir Al-Mashqani, Hassan Ahmed Jabali, Ibrahim Abu Al-Hasan, and Mohammed Saghir Salem, due to a dispute over land theft in which he is a key party.


In Amran Governorate (north of Sana’a), Houthi elements attacked tribal leader Hamid Qasim Awidan Al-Ghuli, one of the sheiks of the Ghoulah area in the Raydah district and injured him after a confrontation due to his slapping of a Houthi supervisor in retaliation for crimes committed against the people of his region. Tribal sources indicated that the Houthi group kidnapped Al-Ghuli and has so far refused to disclose his whereabouts or allow his family to visit him.


Simultaneously, armed members of the so-called "Morality Police" of the Houthi group kidnapped more than 20 artists, singers, sound engineers, and a wedding hall owner from various areas in Amran Governorate. This is part of the group's move to restrict freedoms, ban singing, and impose strict regulations.


In early May, the Houthi group carried out a campaign in which they closed about 8 wedding halls and arrested some of their owners. They also kidnapped 4 singers and detained them in prison on charges related to banning singing at weddings.

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