U.S. Military Seizes Drug Shipment in the Arabian Sea



The US Central Command announced today, Monday, the seizure of a shipment of hashish on board a sailboat during an interdiction operation in the Arabian Sea on May 23.


The US Central Command said in a statement on the “X” platform: “Using intelligence information from Joint Task Force 150, the team succeeded in locating, boarding and searching the dhow, and seizing 2,382 kg of hashish.”


Admiral George Wyckoff, Commander, US Naval Forces Central Command, expressed his "extreme pride in the work done by Combined Task Force 150 and HMS Diamond in preventing these drugs from reaching their intended destination."


He added, "This interception demonstrates the value of multinational efforts within the framework of the Central Military Command to prevent and disrupt criminal and terrorist organizations at sea."


The US Central Command statement did not specify the source of the drug shipment, the identity of the sailboat crew, or its destination. However, previous seizures included drugs and weapons coming from Iran and on their way to the terrorist Houthi militias in Yemen.




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